Best Places in the US to hold an Event or Wedding

Walt Disney World, Disneyworld in Orlando

When it comes to the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World has it all. Complete with fairytale mountains and a never-ending line of Polonium ice cream, this is the ultimate fun for couples of all ages. themed neighbourhoods such as Downtown Disney, Tomorrow Land, and Adventure Land; there is never a dull moment as you experience your way through this mega resort. With never-ending queues, favorite rides and those jerk parties on demand, this will be the place to let loose and have fun. For your honeymoon, you’ll find that the park is the perfect venue to indulge in that special ceremony.

Branson, Missouri

One of the most popular places to get married in the US is the Branson area. This area is known for its country flair and its love of the arts making it a great place to get married. However, if you want to get married in Branson, you would not want to miss the immaculate wedding chapels and music included in the town.

Miami is one of the most famous spots in the country and offers everything couples could want for a day of fun and excitement. The glitzy Miami remained true to its roots even as it grew into a worldwide nightlife hotspot. It boasts of warm and pleasant weather, which is perfect for that day long summer vacation. But hold on, there is more to it than just sun and sand. Take your sweetheart to one of the best art deco and cocktail lounges in town and order a couple of their special drinks to celebrate your marriage. Not only will you have a completely unique experience, you will also be purchasing one of the best wedding packages in the country.

San Diego, California

Many states have parks and country clubs in them but few have country’s view of the beach and its wildlife. Spend a day relaxing on America’s best white sand beaches with your sweetheart and you will not be disappointed. Many resorts including La Jolla Cove Suites Wedding Venue offer free weddings for couples booking their wedding in the state’s 7,000-acre “Oldest Town” while the town serves as its base for everything you will probably need. There are three miles of white sand beach to enjoy and so are you! If you’re planning a beach wedding in San Diego you’ll want to bring your swimsuit because the beaches are amazing.

Punta Gorda, Florida

Many people who fall in love with Florida often plan to get married in the area. There is so much beauty and scenery to keep you busy as you enjoy this all-inclusive, four star resort. Play tennis, relax in the hot tubs, and take a trip to the exclusive spa. No second set of honeymoon thoughts for you!

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville boasts a lot of things for newlyweds. There are a lot of activities you can partake in and a lot of activities that a couple can do together to keep the day together and create memories. shop for homewares together, attend a couple’s spa class, have a romantic dinner by candlelight and find out which of the many restaurants in the area are good (Jacksonville is not far from Daytona Beach). Hike through the Florida Trail, a footpath that takes between thirteen and eighteen months to create its own. Travel the St. Johns River and bay and take a boat tour. Jacksonville is the perfect place to get married or to get married in the area (most people get married in St. Augustine).

This is only a small sampling of the many beautiful Florida destinations that are perfect for your next wedding. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have. . . . And don’t forget to go on the trips and vacations to really get a feel for what “Florida” means!